LogoTreFurniture95Over the past 5 years, TRE Furniture is a collective built on the enthusiasm of young individual with the desire to change everything for the better. With the spirit of learning and not afraid to stumble, We are dedicated to creating products that make us proud and affirm our values over time.

With the precursor foundation of technological knowledge, TRE Furniture has a team with individuals who have their own strengths and make up for the shortcomings of their teammates. TRE Furniture builds a brand development strategy based not only on product quality, but also on quality customer care services such as warranty and periodic maintenance, guiding customers to preserve products, guiding Customer inspects the product. Therefore, TRE Furniture's imitation rattan furniture products are being trusted by some special contractors and designers.

TRE Furnitue is a part of the future, which will bring interesting experiences to customers with many different interests and lifestyles. With high-end interior and exterior products with diverse designs, combined with world trends in technology, we have maintained an online website with fast online services. Instead of the customer having to pay the cost of managing the showroom, staff, premises.. for the dealer, viewing and ordering through the online channel will save you a lot of cost, time and quality. is committed by the time you use.

We provide everything from modern, luxurious fabric sofas, to outdoor plastic rattan tables and chairs that can withstand the sun and wind, or unique, simple but comfortable relaxation chairs, including objects. Essential use in kitchen, bathroom, harvest room. We offer everything to beautify and embellish your living space.

TRE Furniture always give you the best value.

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