It is uncomfortable to experience a hot summer, the temperature is always above 30 degrees Celsius, but the furniture, wood, and sofa products have no way to help the user cool down, mostly due to the design of the furniture. design and materials they use.

With a smart wire mesh design, the Acapulco chair always gives users a cool feeling, getting rid of the mystery when relaxing.

Acapulo furniture set will be an appropriate choice for all living spaces in your home, from living room, bedroom, balcony... even the dining room. Compact design, light weight, easy to move, solid structure... what could be better?

The chair is made from sturdy iron frames, anti-rust powder coating, plastic rattan yarn is made from 100% virgin plastic. The product becomes extremely durable, has good elasticity and is easy to clean with water. Not only that, with its compact structure, it is easy to move. An extremely suitable product for the balcony space with limited area of ​​​​the family. I am really satisfied with this product. And now is the time for my whole family to enjoy relaxing moments together without worrying about the heat of summer anymore.

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